Types of Discrimination in the Workplace

Types of Discrimination in the Workplace
Dec 03, 2019

Californians work hard for what they have, and the last thing they want is to face hardship at work. While one might assume that stricter employment laws have put a damper on discriminatory practices, instances still occur.

Spotting the signs of discrimination at work may come down to knowing what should and should not happen. The team at Hennig Ruiz & Singh strives to provide the most accurate information on workplace discrimination. Explore some of the most common instances of discrimination employees encounter while trying to earn a living.

Sexual discrimination

When an employee files a claim of sex discrimination against an employer, it typically means they have experienced some inequality. Issues regarding salary disparity and unfair work standards between the genders have come to the forefront recently in the wake of media coverage. In addition, some women experience difficulties with work when they become pregnant. They may feel pushed out or even face demotion before or after giving birth. All of these add up to sexual or gender discrimination.

Retaliating against a claimant

The most common type of discrimination that occurs at the workplace is punishment or retaliation against those who file complaints and those who help. Over half of all people involved with a discrimination action, feel some retaliation against them by other employees and management. It may come in the form of exclusion from activities, meetings or work availability. These people may eventually give up their claim or feel forced out of a job.

Understanding the top two discrimination experiences may help recognize them. Visit our website here for more information.

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