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From offices in Los Angeles, Hennig Kramer Ruiz & Singh, LLP offers a team of highly regarded wage and hour attorneys representing workers whose employers have violated federal and California state laws regarding pay and benefits.

If you believe that your employer did not meet the state or federal provisions, then you may be entitled to proper compensation and any applicable penalties. Contact our wage and hour violations attorneys today for a free consultation.

If you aren’t being fairly compensated for your work, reach out to Hennig Kramer Ruiz & Singh, LLP today! Contact us online or call (213) 310-8301 when you need help getting the pay you deserve!

Common Types of Wage & Hour Violations

In California, wage and hour laws are simple. However, many employers often take advantage of their employees’ lack of understanding of these basic guidelines. Employees may fear repercussions or retaliation from their employer in some way for filing a complaint, perhaps even termination.

But you have rights. And your team at Hennig Kramer Ruiz & Singh, LLP is always here to help you stand up for your rights and receive the financial compensation you are entitled to.

Our lawyers represent employees in claims involving the following types of FLSA issues:

  • Minimum wage violations
  • Unpaid daily and weekly overtime
  • Failure to provide meal breaks or rest periods
  • Breach of employment contracts
  • Misclassification of employees as “exempt” to avoid overtime pay
  • Miscalculations of hourly wages, salaries, commissions, bonuses, and other types of earned payment
  • Illegal withholdings
  • Violations of the California Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA)

Our team of highly qualified attorneys will vigorously fight for your rights and ensure a speedy recovery of your unpaid wages and penalties. We want to put that money in your pocket as soon as possible.

California Wage & Hour Law

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal law that guarantees a minimum wage and very specific overtime rules for both private and government employers. This federal legislation establishes that employees must be paid time-and-a-half for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week.

Meanwhile, California’s wage and hour laws are governed by the California Labor Code and State Wage Orders Guidelines. These state laws operate under a slightly different standard. In addition to the already established federal guidelines,

Minimum Wage

California hourly wage laws are among the most protective of employees in the entire nation. As of January 2022, California minimum wage will be $15/hour for employers of at least 26 employees, and $14/hour for smaller businesses. Certain California counties have their own, higher minimum wages. Additionally, tipped employees in California are entitled to a full minimum wage, unlike several other states.

If you are a California employee who is getting paid less than the current minimum wage, you can protect your rights. Save any pay stubs and other wage-related paperwork, and you can file a formal complaint as outlined in your employee handbook or other company policies. If nothing happens, it may be worth bringing to an experienced wage violation attorney in Los Angeles who can review the documents and determine if you have a case.

Overtime Rights

Non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime if they work more than eight hours in a day or more than forty hours in a week, at a rate of one and a half times their typical pay. Eligible employees are entitled to double time after working twelve hours in a day.

Eligible employees who work for a seventh day in a week are entitled to receive time and a half for the first eight hours of work on that day and double time for any additional hours.

Meal and Rest Breaks

California employees have the right to an unpaid meal break of at least thirty minutes after five hours of work. Exceptions to this is for workdays of six hours or less. Employees also cannot work more than ten hours in a day without taking a second thirty minute break, unless that workday will be no longer than twelve hours.

Employees also are entitled to a paid rest period of ten minutes every four hours of work, with some exceptions.

Are You A Temporary Worker, Day Laborer Or An Independent Contractor?

Even though you may not be a staff employee, contract workers have rights under federal and California state wage and hour laws. Call us about your circumstances, and we will review your situation and explain your rights under the law.

Are You A Victim Of California Wage Law Violations?

If you believe that your employer violated the federal or California hourly wage laws, then you may be entitled to proper and immediate compensation and any applicable penalties.

Hennig Kramer Ruiz & Singh, LLP always recommends that you document the circumstances, then follow your employer’s internal policies and procedures for making such a claim. Documentation may become key evidence in future litigation and ultimately at court trial.


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