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Former university dean says she was wrongfully terminated

Each company has their own standards for how they expect their employees to perform. These companies also have different standards for the different types of positions within the company. When the employees do not meet these standards, the company has every right to fire the employee. However, not every employee is fired because they did not meet the standards. Many employees are fired because their bosses have a bias against them due to their age, sex, race, religion or in retaliation to an employee's accusations about the company.

If the employee is fired for one of those reasons, it is illegal and the employee may be entitled to compensation for their wrongful termination. This is what a former dean of a university is doing after being fired for what she believes was retaliation. She had previously made complaints to the university about allegations of sexual harassment and she was then fired. She stated on social media that the university was trying to pay her off to keep her quiet. The lawsuit is pending according to her attorney. The university denies her claims.

Speaking out against doctors who receive illegal kickbacks

There are many different types of businesses in Los Angeles and many refer clients to other companies in other industries. This is common practice and a way that people can help each other out. Generally, these referrals are of mutual benefit for each company and good way of generating business. However, the rules for doctors are different. They are concerns that allowing these types of kickbacks in medical field can have detrimental consequences for the health care industry in general.

Doctors are not allowed to either give any money or other types of gifts to people or organizations who refer them patients. They also are not allowed to accept any money or gifts from the other medical providers who they refer patients to. In addition to the referrals, it is also illegal to accept any money from drug or device companies for the devices they recommend to patients or the medications they prescribe. Doctors who do these things are subject to criminal penalties including jail time and fines.

Nike faces suit alleging gender discrimination and harassment

Four former Nike employees filed suit against the company alleging they faced pay discrimination and sexual harassment while working at the corporate headquarters in Oregon. The women stated that were paid less than their male counterparts, were paid smaller bonuses and were less likely to be promoted within the company.

California legislature passes sexual harassment bills

The #metoo movement has been active in California. The goal of the movement is to bring attention to the sexual harassment that people endure at work. It also demonstrated that this type of behavior was an accepted part of the workplace in many industries and that it needed to stop. However, bringing attention to it and speaking out against it is one thing, but actual changes needed to be made. It appears that the movement has achieved that goal in the California legislature.

The legislature recently passed multiple bills that are designed to stop the various parts of employment contracts that make it difficult for victims to come forward. One bill would prohibits non-disclosure agreements in sexual harassment cases designed to keep settlements secret. Another would ban forced arbitration agreements. Companies also would not be allowed to have employees sign releases of liability for bonuses or other incentives. The legislature also passed one that would expand the statute of limitations for these cases from one to three years. Also, almost all companies would now have to comply with sexual harassment training programs.

Employers retaliating against whistleblowers subject to fines

There are many different laws and regulations that companies in California must follow. There are many different reasons for these laws, but generally there are public policy reasons for them that benefit the public as a whole. So, the government and regulatory agencies have a specific interest in ensuring that the laws are actually followed by the various companies.

In order to enforce these laws and regulations the government generally needs the assistance of employees within the company that have first-hand knowledge of the illegal activity. However, companies also have an incentive to ensure that the government does not learn of the activity and therefore may retaliate against employees who either report illegal activity or participate in an investigation or case against the company. This is intended to ensure others do not report or participate in the future.

Disabled people in California may face employment discrimination

There are many people in California with disabilities. These disabilities can come in many different forms and affect people both physically and mentally. However, having a disability does not mean that the person is unable to live life or do many of the things that people without disabilities are able to do. There are some limitations, but with the appropriate assistive devices or other accommodations, many people with disabilities are able to live a normal life.

This includes being able to work at a job that they are qualified to work at. However, just like with other activities in their lives, they may need some special accommodations in order to perform their job tasks. Per law, their employers are required to provide these reasonable accommodations. Employers do not need to provide accommodations that would be overly burdensome on the company, but many accommodations are not overly burdensome. If the company does not provide these accommodations and instead fires the employee, they may be required to compensate the employee through a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Reporting fraud involving local government's use of federal funds

There are many layers to the political landscape in the U.S., as well as in California. It starts with the federal government, then there is the state, county and city governments, as well as other specialized governing bodies. This is because there are some things that are unique to the local areas, and a local government is in the best position to handle certain aspects of it.

However, the state and local governments still do receive federal and state money to help ensure federal and state issues within the local jurisdictions are handled appropriately. The money received from the federal government is supposed to be used only for the purpose it was given, but sometimes, local governments use it for other purposes. In addition, the local governments may provide false reports to the federal or state government to receive funding they do not need.

State legislature approves bill that prohibits forced arbitration

Ever since the #MeToo movement, several states around the country have been changing their employment policies to give victims of terrible management a better fighting chance. California is looking to follow suit with the bill, AB 3080, which would ban any forced confidential agreement the employer has you sign to cover up any sexual harassment or wage law violations.

Recently, the California Legislature chose to pass this along with SB 820, which prevents nondisclosure agreements in settlements that would conceal the culprit’s name from the public. As the bills now only have to go through Governor Jerry Brown to become legal, it is important to know what these could do for California employers that face sexual harassment.

Rules for religious attire in the workplace

There are many different types of jobs in California, and those employees practice many different religions. These religions each have their own teachings, beliefs and attire. For the most part, the attire should not affect an employees' ability to do their jobs, and therefore, employers are required to allow their employees to wear the religious attire at work.

Some employers may not agree with certain religious practices or the religion in general, but this does not mean that they can treat that employee differently or fire them for wearing the religious attire. Employers are not allowed to do this, even if their customers do not like that the employee is wearing certain clothing. In addition, even if the employer has certain grooming policies for all their employees, they must make reasonable accommodations to allow for that employee to wear their religious attire.

When is an employer liable for sexual harassment at work?

The purpose of going to work in California is to do your job and to earn an income. Co-workers and others within the company may develop friendships and other relationships, but those are based on an employee's own choosing. However, there are people within companies that employees do not want to associate with on any other level than a professional level.

Unfortunately, there are many employees who are forced to endure unwanted comments and advances from co-workers and supervisors. This oftentimes comes in the form of sexual harassment, which is an illegal activity. The employee may be entitled to compensation for this activity from the employer. However, the employer is not automatically liable in all situations.

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