• Mr.Ruiz fought for my case and the end result was astonishing!
    Where do I start? Mr.Ruiz fought for my case and the end result was astonishing! During the process, this law office answered all the questions I had, returned my phone calls in a timely manner and stayed very professional. There's nothing else in handling cases that a client would appreciate more than honesty. Brandon was straight to the point and honest with my entire case and the issues we encountered. This made it very easy to communicate with them and resolve the problems. If you're looking to win....look for winners with winning records! And you're looking at it!

    - Emmanuel F.

  • I highly recommend them.
    I couldn't find an attorney in my county that would take my case because of who they are, it was a mix of city, state and government agency that thought they could do what they want and get away with it. Well HRS not only took my case but won me a settlement, Sam Brown was my direct attorney but all the partners had a hand in my case they ware confident, professional and personal. I highly recommend them. Thanks HRS

    - Randall A.

  • And I was 100% satisfied with my results at the conclusion.

    Janet and the entire Hennig Ruiz Law Firm are amazing attorneys. I primarily worked with Rob and Janet. Janet especially was with me every step of the way. Great communication throughout the process. It made me feel relaxed that I knew I would be taken care of with the least amount of hassle on my part. As an extra bonus, she coached me through and helped me to successfully receive unemployment by coming with me to the unemployment hearing. Rob and Janet had us meet with an incredible mediator. And I was 100% satisfied with my results at the conclusion.

    - Sara E.

  • Amazing advocates.
    If you are looking for legal representation I would suggest for you to consider Hennig Ruiz Law Firm. Put succinctly, their legal team was intelligent, hard-working, responsive, and very knowledgeable throughout our time working together. While I, of course, cannot divulge details about the assistance that the firm provided for me, I can and will say that their representation was pivotal and changed my life for the better beyond words.

    Altogether, I worked with Hennig Ruiz Law Firm for the better part of a year and all throughout that time their lawyers (and specifically Janet Hong) were attentive to my questions and concerns. I never had to wait long for a response and they ensured ample face-to-face time in order to answer my questions and ensure my preparedness and comfort. Not once did I feel lost or overwhelmed. Not once was their service perfunctory.

    Most importantly, though, they were amazing advocates. They remained active at every step to secure the best results and proved to be seasoned negotiators.

    Consider them for legal assistance. I’m glad I did. I hope I never have to be involved in any legal disputes again, but I do know that if I do find myself there, I know exactly where to go.

    - Shane G.

  • Extremely friendly, professional, thorough and quick.

    I went to this firm to have a separation letter reviewed and met a young lawyer named Janet Hong. She was extremely friendly, professional, thorough and quick. She reviewed the documentation promptly and gave me actionable advice. I was able to resolve everything quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend Janet to anyone seeking legal services.

    - Brendan H.

  • They were caring, fair and extremely good at what they do.

    I needed great attorneys in a short period of time, it was an emergency situation. Some research led me to the Hennig-Ruiz law firm. We spoke on the phone and they had me come into the office and started on my case immediately. They got me exactly what I wanted and did it in the shortest amount of time possible. They were caring, fair and extremely good at what they do. I definitely would recommend them to anyone.

    - Scott R.