Social Media and Harassment at Work

Social Media and Harassment at Work
Dec 03, 2019

Social media is one of the most popular ways people stay in touch. California workers may utilize one platform or another to share family photos with relatives or keep up with what an old college roommate is doing. However, when social media makes its way into the workplace, it may become another avenue for harassment.

The attorneys and staff at Hennig Ruiz & Singh want to inform you about the pitfalls social media presents. When used properly, it is a great way to make and keep connections. Unfortunately, though, some people use it to perpetuate harassment of fellow employees. Take a look at some of the ways an online presence can turn sour in the workplace.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment on the job may take many forms. It can range from cracking gender-related jokes to making improper and unwanted advances towards another. What starts in the office can quickly move online. When one coworker friends another on a social media platform to comment on photos, copy those photos and share them with others to continue a sexually charged conversation, it may qualify as sexual harassment.

Badmouthing a coworker

Coworkers may become friends outside of work. While this in of itself is not bad, it may cause some changes to take place. When people who interact professionally also spend time together socially, the information they learn about each other may become fodder for workplace gossip. If they start to diverge in success at work, one may become jealous and use private information to impede the other’s professional progress. Social media is one way to spread malicious statements to hinder another’s growth.

Using social media to impact a coworker negatively may qualify as harassment. Take a closer look at some other forms workplace misconduct may take by visiting our website.

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