What Actions in the Workplace Are Considered Sexual Harassment

What Actions in the Workplace Are Considered Sexual Harassment
Nov 02, 2018

Not all people in California love their jobs and even those who do have days when they simply do not want to go. This could be because the work is mundane, they have an overbearing boss, their co-workers are annoying or other reasons. However, most of those types of reasons are legal and if the person wants to keep their job they must put up with it. However, there are other reasons that people may not want to go to work which can include illegal conduct by managers or co-workers.

One of these reasons is if the person is experiencing sexual harassment at work. This can come in many different forms as well. It could be visual such as co-workers staring or making sexual gestures or displaying offensive pictures of a sexual nature. It could be verbal harassment such as using sexually explicit language, making comments about the person’s appearance or other sexual comments. It could be physical as well such as unwanted touching. It could also include sexual advances and offers in exchange for promotions or taking them away if they do not accept sexual advances.

So, sexual harassment includes much more than just managers or co-workers trying to engage in sexual activities. Any type of sexual harassment is not only illegal, but can be very detrimental to the victim not only professionally but also personally. However, victims of sexual harassment may be entitled to compensation. This could be in the form of monetary compensation if they lost a work opportunity because of it, but can also include compensation for things such as emotional distress.

While there is a very public movement aimed at trying to stop sexual harassment in the workplace, there are still many victims of it in California. These victims can be put in very difficult situations which can have lasting effects on them. The victims may be entitled to compensation though, which can be valuable, but also can help hold those responsible accountable for their actions. These are not always straightforward cases and consulting with an experienced attorney may be helpful.

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