The Wonderful Company Allegedly Wrongfully Terminates Employee

The Wonderful Company Allegedly Wrongfully Terminates Employee
Nov 22, 2018

Many people in California may not be specifically aware of The Wonderful Company, but they most likely are familiar with their products. The company produces Wonderful pistachios and almonds, Halos mandarin oranges, Fiji Water, Pom Wonderful juice and other products. The company has been very successful and is run by one of the wealthiest women in the world. However, women who work for her say that she does not seem to like women getting pregnant.

Recently a former director stated that after she got pregnant she was treated differently. She was heavily scrutinized in a way she was not before getting pregnant. She was also told that the head of the company was not happy with her, but was not given an explanation as to why she was upset. After the birth, she took her 16 weeks of leave under California law, but was fired the day 12 weeks had gone by, which is the amount of time given to people federally under FMLA. She also said that she was earlier asked in an interview for a promotion whether she was pregnant. She made a claim for pregnancy discrimination and wrongful termination.

This was not the first time the company had been accused of pregnancy discrimination and wrongful termination either as other women have shared similar stories. These types of actions are illegal and The Wonderful Company may be required to compensate the victim for their actions. These cases usually are not this blatant though and The Wonderful Company is not alone. However, the actions may be much more subtle, so proving fault can be difficult at times.

While proving wrongful termination based on pregnancy discrimination can be difficult in California, it does not mean that people should not pursue it. The victims are often times put in a difficult situation financially, and it is important that they are held accountable for their actions. The victims could receive back pay, future pay as well as loss benefits. Experienced attorneys understand the complexities of these cases and may be able to guide one through the process.

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