The Lasting Emotional Toll of Race Discrimination

The Lasting Emotional Toll of Race Discrimination
Nov 07, 2019

Someone who is discriminated against on the basis of their race may suffer in a myriad of ways in the workplace (if their position is not terminated altogether). At the very least, they may feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. However, when discrimination is present in workplace environments, the atmosphere can be very hostile. Moreover, many victims suffer financially, whether they are demoted, forced to work fewer hours or their employer fails to compensate them properly. All of these challenges (and many others) can cause victims of discrimination to suffer significantly in terms of their emotional well-being, especially if the discrimination was based on their race.

Sometimes, victims of race discrimination feel defeated and hopeless. They may lose interest in their career pursuits and decide to sit on the sidelines even though they have a lot of talent to offer. Some victims become very depressed, not only because of the hardships they are facing but because of the reality that what they have been through is a direct result of something they have no control over.

Employers, managers and co-workers who harass others in the workplace or treat them unfairly because of their race cannot get away with their actions. This is prevalent, even though a lot of awareness has been raised, and many employees continue to find themselves mistreated because of their racial background. Some give up their careers altogether, while others struggle with a lower quality of life because of what they have endured. Our law firm firmly believes that all victims of unlawful discrimination in the workplace deserve justice, regardless of the field they work in.

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