Signs That One May Be the Victim of Sex Discrimination

Signs That One May Be the Victim of Sex Discrimination
Jul 27, 2018

People in California go to work each day and do their job to earn income for themselves and their families. Some people also go to work with the expectation that if they do a good job and put in their time for their company, they will be able to move up or use their experience to gain a better position at a different company. However, some people have found that it is harder for them to do this than others.

Unfortunately, women have experienced sex discrimination and been stuck in the same position or have been treated differently than men. There are signs that women can look for to demonstrate that they have been the victim of sex discrimination in the workplace.

One sign is that the company fires women, claiming it is downsizing, but men with similar qualifications keep their jobs. Another is that men receive promotions over women with more seniority and better qualifications. Some companies will hire more women for lower paying positions, while men are hired for the higher paying positions. Another way that women may be able to tell that the company is discriminating against them is if men earn more than women in similar positions.

There are many companies in California who still discriminate against women. Some may not even realize they are doing it because the culture is so engrained within the company. However, the practice is illegal and women who are discriminated against may be entitled to compensation. Experienced attorneys understand the ways companies try to hide discrimination and may be able to help expose them.

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