Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Is Required in Workplace

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Is Required in Workplace
Dec 01, 2018

When people in Los Angeles go to work they should be able to just focus on doing their job. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes there is workplace drama that makes it difficult to concentrate on what one is supposed to be doing. This may be annoying, but most of the time it is not illegal. However, there is certain behavior that is illegal and can be very upsetting. Sexual harassment is one of these types of behavior, and it affects many people in California workplaces.

Many people have had to endure this type of harassment to keep their jobs, and recently there has been a lot of attention on this issue to try and change the behavior. However, California also has requirements that employers train their supervisors to help prevent sexual harassment from occurring in the workplace. Any employer with at least 50 employees must provide at least two hours of interactive sexual harassment training every two years.

This training is designed to help supervisors know how to spot when sexual harassment is occurring and how to address the issue promptly and correctly. Despite this requirement, many employers may not provide adequate training and many supervisors may not adhere to their training. Therefore, there are still many victims of sexual harassment. These victims may have potential remedies available, such as pursuing a lawsuit. If they are successful in such actions, they may be entitled to compensation.

This sexual harassment training requirement has been in effect for years in California, but as many people know sexual harassment is still occurring. It is good that employers must train their employees, but some do not follow the training. If they do not follow it, they may be required to compensate the victims for various damages depending on the circumstances.

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