School Employee Fired After Complaining About Boss’ Actions

School Employee Fired After Complaining About Boss’ Actions
Mar 21, 2019

Within a company in California, employees have different bosses who answer to different mangers above them until they reach the person responsible for running the company. So, many people are responsible for the company doing well, and this also means that many people will know about potential wrongdoings by their managers and people running the company.

If these employees know about the inappropriate or illegal activities, they should report the violations because the actions could affect the business as a whole. This is what one employee at Olive Grove Charter school did when she learned about things her boss was doing, but she was allegedly fired as a result in what she claims was whistleblower retaliation.

She learned through her job that the CEO had made many purchases with were not authorized or were unnecessary. She also determined that the CEO offered his daughter a job that she was not qualified for and was being paid more than she should have been for that position. The CEO also allegedly changed another daughter’s grades so she would be admitted to the school.

The employee informed the Board some of what she learned and then was put on administrative leave a week later. The CEO claimed it was for poor performance, but the employee had never had a bad performance review and had been promoted twice.

If this employee is successful in her claim against the school, she could be entitled to compensation for any damages caused by her firing. These damages could include back pay, including loss benefits, emotional distress and potentially other damages.

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