Required Accommodations for Nursing Mothers at Work

Required Accommodations for Nursing Mothers at Work
Apr 25, 2019

Having a child can be a very happy time for mothers. It is a time for them to bond with their new child, but it is also a very demanding time as well.

Many mothers also choose to breastfeed their children. This is does not stop after maternity leave, and mothers continue to breastfeed after they go back to work. This means that they will need to pump so they can continue to produce breast milk for their children.

Mothers generally do not or cannot simply pump while doing the tasks of their job. They need to take a break in order to do this, and employers are required to give them breaks to allow them to do so. The employee should try and pump during their normal break times, but if they cannot do it during their normal breaks or need additional breaks, the employer must allow them. They also need to provide rooms, other than a bathroom stall, in which to pump.

If the employer does not provide the breaks or requires the employee to work while pumping, it may be evidence of gender discrimination. Moreover, the employer may be required to pay the employee one hour of pay for each day that they are not allowed the appropriate break. The employer also may be required to pay a civil penalty.

There are many important aspects of raising infants in California. One of those things is breastfeeding, and mothers are should be allowed to do this if they choose. Therefore, after the mothers go back to work, the law requires employers to allow mothers breaks and an appropriate room in which to pump. If employers do not do this or retaliate against mothers for asserting their rights, they may be required to compensate the victims. Experienced attorneys understand the law on this topic and may be a useful resource.

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