Prominent Biologist Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Prominent Biologist Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations
Jul 14, 2018

Throughout the #metoo movement many people in California have been accused of sexually harassment. Some were more surprising than others, but what the movement has demonstrated is that sexual harassment is prevalent in workplaces throughout the state. The harassment was not limited to just certain industries or types of work. People in entertainment received the most publicity, but the government was exposed, the tech industry and many others as well.

Recently another prominent individual was accused of sexual harassment, but this time it was a prominent biologist at the University of California Irvine. The biologist recently resigned amid many accusations of inappropriate behavior. The University responded by taking his name off buildings, fellowships and other programs. At least four women have stated that they were the victims of inappropriate touching and comments. They also said that many people knew of his behavior and had conversations about not being left alone with him.

These women are exploring their legal options. However, if they are successful in pursuing legal cases against the biologist and/or the University, they may be entitled to compensation. The type and amount of the compensation they may receive depends on a number of factors, but they could receive money for any lost income they experienced because of the harassment as well as money for any emotional distress it caused them among other potential damages.

It has become clear in California that there was a very long-standing tradition of sexual harassment. For a long it seemed to be an accepted part of the workplace, but that has changed and many people are being held accountable for their actions and the victims are receiving the compensation they deserve. These cases many times come down to he said she said type situations though and consulting with an experienced attorney may be beneficial.

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