Process for Filing a Discrimination Complaint With the DFEH

Process for Filing a Discrimination Complaint With the DFEH
Jan 24, 2019

There are people of many different races, genders, gender identity, ages, disabilities, religions that make California a unique place. However, these attributes do not mean that people of the same classes are all the same.

Each person within these different groups are all unique and have individual attributes unique just to them. This is true for their professional capabilities as well.

However, unfortunately people are discriminated against by various employers because they belong to a particular group instead of on the basis of their abilities. This has been true for women and those who have different gender identities for a long time.

People who experience gender discrimination may be able to receive compensation for the damages they experienced as a result of the discrimination. However, they first must file a claim against the company. If the discrimination occurred in California they can do this through the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH).

The claim starts by completing an intake form. This form can be completed either online or it can be mailed in to the DFEH. Through the intake form the employee will provide the information needed to determine whether discrimination occurred or not. After this intake form is submitted, the DFEH completes an intake interview and determines whether to file a formal complaint. The employee also has the option to file a lawsuit against the company in court, but they need a Right-to-Sue notice from the DFEH in order to do so.

There have been many steps taken to try and end the gender discrimination that so many people face at work in California. However, it is still prevalent and there are many victims of it. These victims may have discrimination claims against their employer, but they must first file a complaint against the employer. One option they have is to file this with the DFEH. This is a complicated process though and consulting with an experienced attorney may be helpful.

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