Los Angeles Councilman Accused of Sexual Harassment Again

Los Angeles Councilman Accused of Sexual Harassment Again
Sep 27, 2018

There have been many sexual harassment allegations made against members of the California state legislature. In turn, there have been many changes at the state government level to correct the inappropriate behavior and give the victims of the sexual harassment a way to file complaints when it does occur. These types of changes have trickled down to the city level as well. The Los Angeles mayor created a website for employees to report harassment and bias they experience in their jobs and hold the harassers accountable.

Recently a city councilman was accused of sexual harassment and the committee has been convened to address the allegations. At this time the details of the accusations are confidential as the terms of the website require the identity of the victim and the accusations to remain confidential. However, they do involve harassment and discrimination. This is also the second time that this councilman has been accused of harassment. The last complaint was in 2013 and while the committee found no wrongdoing, the councilman did privately settle a lawsuit against him.

These accusations show that the processes that have been put in place recently are working and providing a good way for the victims to make complaints. It also demonstrates that this type of sexual harassment is still occurring despite the recent publicity brought to the issue. Workers who experience sexual harassment and discrimination do have rights and if they are successful with their claims, they may be entitled to compensation for what they had to endure.

As evidenced above, many people still endure sexual harassment in the workplace in California. This type of behavior is not only inappropriate, but also illegal. Therefore, employers who allow sexual harassment to occur in their workplace need to be held accountable. Experienced attorneys understand employees’ rights and may be able to help protect them.

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