Google Employees Walk out in Protest of Sexual Harassment at Work

Google Employees Walk out in Protest of Sexual Harassment at Work
Nov 09, 2018

While there have been many industries that have been exposed through the #metoo movement, the tech industry in particular has been under fire for a variety of issues. These include accusations in regards to the number of women in the industry and their ability to move up in the companies. Also, there have been a number of claims regarding sexual harassment that women in the industry experience.

To help bring the issues into the light, employees at Google worldwide staged a walk out recently. This resulted after an investigation into the company showed that sexual harassment claims were common, but the company did their best to keep them quiet. Also, executives who were accused of the harassment received multi-million dollar severance packages instead of being held accountable for their actions. Overall, the concerns were that the culture in the company was toxic for women in hiring, promotion, pay and harassment.

While the results of this protest are unknown, the individual victims of sexual discrimination and harassment within Google or any other company may be able to file a legal claim against the company. If successful the victims may be entitled to compensation, which can cover a number of different things. These include back pay, pay they may have lost because they were not promoted or benefits they lost because of it. They may also be able to receive compensation for emotional or mental complications they experienced as a result of the harassment or discrimination.

The tech industry has a strong presence in California and many women have experienced harassment and discrimination in the industry. There have been many efforts to change this culture, but this does not help the current victims. These victims may be able to receive compensation for what they endured at work though. Experienced attorneys understand these cases and may be able to guide one through it.

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