What Are My Rights in the Workplace as LGBTQ+?

Nov 11, 2019

Unlike many places in the United States, California takes the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals very seriously, and there are laws in place to protect you if you believe that you have been wrongfully treated or terminated based on your sexual orientation or identification. According to the State of California, the FEHA, or the Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibits any discrimination on the base of sexual orientation or identification where employment is concerned.

The important thing to know is, you do not even need to identify as a member of LGBTQ+ to have these rights apply to you. If you believe that you have been discriminated in the workplace because somebody in your place of employment thought that you were LGBTQ+, your rights are also protected. Additionally, these laws also protect those who are heterosexual or cisgender against discrimination as well, even though this is far more rare.

There are many ways that you may be discriminated against for being LGBTQ+. For instance, it is possible that you have been looked over for a promotion or denied a raise due to your sexual orientation or identification. It is also possible (and rather common, unfortunately) for individuals to experience workplace harassment due to orientation or identification. Some workplaces even encourage a hostile workplace for LGBTQ+ individuals.

If you believe that you have been discriminated against for being LGBTQ+ (or any sexual orientation or identification status), the State of California has ample paths of retribution for you to take. You may be entitled to back pay, the reimbursement of attorney fee, policy changes in the workplace, and more. Stand up for your rights today.

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