Reporting Fraud Involving Local Governments Use of Federal Funds

Reporting Fraud Involving Local Governments Use of Federal Funds
Aug 30, 2018

There are many layers to the political landscape in the U.S., as well as in California. It starts with the federal government, then there is the state, county and city governments, as well as other specialized governing bodies. This is because there are some things that are unique to the local areas, and a local government is in the best position to handle certain aspects of it.

However, the state and local governments still do receive federal and state money to help ensure federal and state issues within the local jurisdictions are handled appropriately. The money received from the federal government is supposed to be used only for the purpose it was given, but sometimes, local governments use it for other purposes. In addition, the local governments may provide false reports to the federal or state government to receive funding they do not need.

These are examples of fraud and waste of federal and state funds, and it is illegal for local governments to do this. Though, it is difficult for the larger governing bodies to oversee everything on the local levels, which is why they give the funding to the local government in the first place. Therefore, they need employees within those local governments to report the fraud and misuse of the funds. In order to encourage people to come forward, anyone who reports the fraud is protected against retaliation under the whistleblower protection laws and their identity can remain confidential if they wish.

There are many local governing bodies throughout California. These governing bodies play an important role in ensuring state and federal programs and services are carried out appropriately within their local jurisdiction. But, there can be fraud associated with the use of funds received from the state and federal government. If an employee within the local government reports the fraud, they are protected from retaliation and may receive compensation if they experience any retaliation. These can be very complicated cases though and consulting with an experienced attorney may be useful.

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