Examples of Sexual Discrimination

Examples of Sexual Discrimination
Dec 03, 2019

Gender bias in the workplace still occurs even after the recent wave of media concerning it. California women may still face some tough road when it comes to getting on firm and equal footing with male counterparts.

Sexual discrimination is the second most frequently filed claim filed. Do you know what constitutes sexual discrimination? Let the staff of Hennig Ruiz & Singh shine a light on some examples of sexual bias that occurs in the workplace today.

Unequal pay

The most blatant and identifiable form of sex discrimination on the job is pay inequity. It occurs when a female and a male, who both hold similar positions and have equitable education and experience, have different salaries. It typically occurs at the management level, but not always. Employers may attempt to raise a woman’s salary and lower a man’s to bring them both closer together; however, this is also an unfair labor practice and may result in litigation.

Lack of growth opportunities

There is talk about a glass ceiling when it comes to women’s growth in businesses. This means that in many ways, women can only advance so far before reaching the top of their potential. However, this is rarely the top of the company’s hierarchy. While women have cracked into upper management positions, the disparity is still vast. Some women may feel like they have the same qualifications and experience for a job that a male counterpart receives. If there is not a viable explanation, it could be an example of sexual discrimination.

Employers are on the lookout for ways they can stop bias in the workplace, but there is still a long way to go. For more insight into this and other employment-related issues, follow this link to our website.

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