Lawyers Protecting Workers Who Refuse To Comply With Illegal Directives

Haley was a leading strategist on the online marketing team and often took the lead on special projects. The company owner called her into his office late one afternoon to discuss developing a website for a large client who wished to sell products that failed to meet safety standards for the U.S. market. Haley declined to participate and didn’t think any more about it. Two weeks later, however, she was fired for refusing to follow directives.

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Employers often retaliate against workers who refuse to follow directives that the employee reasonably believes to be illegal, even if the illegal action is never reported to human resources or a higher authority. At Hennig, Ruiz & Singh in Los Angeles, our employment law attorneys represent workers who suffer retaliatory actions by employers after refusing to comply with directives they know to be illegal.

Some common types of illegal directives workers may face retaliation for:

  • Refusing to make false claims about the product or service
  • Refusing to engage in illegal activities to collect information on a competitor
  • Refusing to discriminate in hiring/firing based on race, age or other protected status
  • Refusing to threaten a customer, supplier or competitor
  • Refusing to engage in harassment in order to force a worker into quitting voluntarily
  • Refusing to help cover up fraud or corruption in violation of qui tam laws
  • Refusing to work unpaid hours in violation of federal wage and hour laws
  • Refusing to enter into a personal relationship with the owner, executive staff or supervisor
  • Refusing to carry out personal favors for the owner or other employees

Brake V. State Of California Department Of Transportation, Total Judgment Of Over $997,000 Following Jury Trial
Our firm represented Mr. Brake, who had refused to engage in retaliation against a subordinate and was subsequently denied a promotion while being pressured by his supervisors to engage in retaliation. Following an extensive jury trial, Mr. Brake prevailed on all causes of action.

Document And Report

If you have been asked to participate in any action you know to be illegal, or have faced retaliation due to refusing to participate in conduct that you reasonably believe to be illegal, document the incident and report it to your human resources department. Follow company procedures exactly. Then contact our office to discuss the circumstances of your case with a lawyer.

We Represent Workers In Whistleblower Claims Throughout California

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