Lawyers Protecting Workers Who Report Their Employers’ Wrongdoing

Daniel was African-American and one of the company’s top pharmaceutical salesmen. Shortly after his promotion to director of sales, his employer ordered him to transfer all six African-American sales people on staff to cities with higher minority populations. Daniel refused to comply, arguing that the directive was illegally based solely on race and would result in many of the staff quitting rather than uprooting their families. He was immediately demoted and was later fired when he reported the matter to the California Department of Labor and Industry.

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Whistleblower protections under federal and California state law generally protect two types of employees; those who actively report their employer’s fraud, corruption or illegal activities, and those who refuse to comply with directives to break the law.

At Hennig, Ruiz & Singh in Los Angeles, our experienced employment litigation attorneys aggressively protect the rights of workers who have suffered workplace retaliation after reporting violations of state and federal laws.

Have you suffered any of these types of common retaliation actions as a result of reporting your employer?

  • You were fired
  • You were asked to quit voluntarily
  • You were demoted
  • You were transferred to a job or office location you didn’t request
  • You received a poor performance review
  • You were denied pay raises
  • Your work hours were reduced
  • You were made to work additional hours without additional salary
  • You were subjected to harassment or ridicule in the hopes you will quit

Single Plaintiff Whistleblower Retaliation Case Settled For $350,000
Our firm represented an employee of a company who complained that his employer was refusing to pay its employees nondiscretionary bonuses/commissions, and was subsequently terminated for his reporting by a supervisor who was upset that the employee would question her.

Single-Plaintiff Whistleblower Case Settled For $1.15 Million
Our firm represented an individual government employee who made numerous reports of potential conflicts of interest and alleged that his supervisor was directing contracts and business to a specific private company that did business with the government. After over a year of litigation, the matter was settled for $1.15 million.

Retaliation For Reporting Is Illegal. Get The Legal Help You Need.

If you feel you suffered any kind of negative actions against you after reporting an incident to your human resources department as per your employer’s policy, you owe it to yourself to protect your rights.

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