Sexual Orientation, Identification

Patrick never hid the fact that he is gay. His co-workers in the IT department were aware of his sexual orientation and it never caused an issue. When he joined a local LGBT group to oppose a candidate supported by his employer, however, Patrick was transferred to a job on the loading docks. Two months later, he was further demoted to a position in the maintenance department before being terminated for “business purposes” one month later.

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If you are a member of the LGBT community in California and have suffered harassment or discrimination on the job due to your sexual orientation or identification, talk to a lawyer at Hennig, Ruiz & Singh in Los Angeles. We are a team of experienced employment litigation attorneys who aggressively protect the rights of workers.

Our firm’s founder, Rob Hennig regularly volunteers at the Los Angeles LGBT Center and was the founding co-chair of the board of directors of what is now Equality California. Mr. Hennig is also a past member of the board of directors and past president of the LGBT chapter of the ACLU of Southern California.

Sexual Orientation And Gender Identification Harassment

Harassment based on a worker’s sexual orientation or gender identification generally occurs when an employer creates or knowingly allows the existence of a hostile, offensive, abusive or intimidating work environment to exist which negatively affects an employee’s ability to perform their work. In the case of sexual orientation harassment, this negative treatment is because of the employee’s sexual orientation — whether it is because the employee is heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or because of their gender identity.

Sexual Orientation Harassment Case Settled For $1.5 Million
Our firm represented an employee who worked in a group environment where he was subjected to near daily harassment based upon his sexual orientation, including being sent homoerotic pornography, being physically assaulted and battered, and being called gay and ethnic slurs over a period of years. Our attorneys fought hard to build the client’s case and ultimately obtained a settlement of $1.5 million in pre-trial negotiations.

Sexual Orientation Harassment Case Settled For $400,000+
Our firm represented an employee who was subjected to harassment for his sexual orientation in an environment that was virtually all male. He was mocked for being gay and insulted on a near daily basis to the point that he could no longer tolerate the work environment. Our office helped him obtain paid leave and compensation for his injuries.

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Our firm has represented numerous clients who have been the victims of workplace sexual harassment and discrimination. Our offices generally represent clients on a contingency fee basis. This means that there is typically no fee for representation unless we obtain money for our clients.

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