At Hennig, Ruiz & Singh, our lawyers focus on employment law and civil rights claims.

Referrals And Co-Counsel Arrangements

Our wealth of experience and resources allow us to take cases to trial on a regular basis without skimping on discovery or expert costs. We offer referral fees, co-counseling arrangements and act as local counsel on a number of matters. Our services include:

  • Referral fees for potential or existing cases
  • Co-counseling arrangements for pending or active litigation
  • Advancing discovery and litigation costs in co-counseled cases
  • Serving as lead trial counsel for upcoming trials
  • Serving as local counsel for out-of-state or out-of-area attorneys

Referral Relationships

Finding an experienced employment attorney to handle your client’s case and obtain the best results is difficult. As attorneys, we all face issues and cases that we know are meritorious, but that are outside of our area of practice, or beyond our resources to effectively litigate. Hennig, Ruiz & Singh is a law firm focused on one thing: protecting and defending employees in employment, whistleblowing and civil rights law matters. While we are dedicated to our clientele, we also regularly advise other Californian-based or out-of-state attorneys who do not practice in these areas of the law. We are well-versed and experienced in the nuances of Californian private employment, public entity employment, qui tam, and rules of practice and procedure in California courts.

At Hennig, Ruiz & Singh, we offer scaled referral fees, depending on the referring attorney’s level of involvement in the case. Involvement can range from providing us with information about a potential client’s claims to more intensive co-counsel relationship.

Co-Counsel Arrangements

As attorneys we are all faced with challenges that we certainly could take on, if only we had the time and will to work outside of our area of focus. We at Hennig, Ruiz & Singh have the capacity and experience to take on your employment, whistleblowing and civil rights litigation and take your case to trial. Our experienced trial team has handled numerous trials, and we are often called upon to serve as lead or trial counsel for other attorneys. Our team is able to pick up cases anywhere from pre-filing up to the eve of trial to assist with case strategy, depositions, motions in limine, preparation of trial documents, expert discovery, witness preparation, trial strategy, pre-trial motions and trial.

Local Counsel

As attorneys specializing almost exclusively in employment law and civil rights claims, Hennig, Ruiz & Singh often serves as local counsel for attorneys outside of California or outside of Southern California. While serving in the role of local counsel or lead counsel for referring attorneys, Hennig, Ruiz & Singh seeks to add value to the clients of such other attorneys by applying our extensive knowledge of employment, whistleblowing and civil rights law in California. In such cases, Hennig, Ruiz & Singh endeavors only to manage the client’s problem in our area of focus, while the referring lawyer continues to serve the client’s other needs. As a result, we have found that our referral relationships with other lawyers are mutually beneficial, and use the opportunities we are provided to establish and foster further ongoing referral relationships.

We welcome the opportunity to develop referral and co-counsel relationships with firms and lawyers seeking lead counsel or local counsel for their client matters in California. In all such situations in which our assistance is requested, we acknowledge and respect the pre-existing relationship between the client and referring lawyer, and seek only to provide high-quality service to the client, no matter whether it may be only for a single engagement or to take on the trial phase of the case.

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