Lawyers For Local Government Workers Reporting Fraud

Lauren works as a community health nurse assisting the elderly in her small town. The city has also signed a contract with the state of California to provide nursing care to residents of a halfway house for men released on parole from the nearby state penitentiary. Although Lauren visits the house only when called on for a special need, her department head has ordered her to submit charges against the contract for weekly visits.

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Local governments signing contracts to supply services for county or state government entities are subject to federal qui tam laws just the same as private businesses and corporations. The attorneys at the Los Angeles-based firm of Hennig, Ruiz & Singh represent municipal employees in California who blow the whistle on their local government employer’s fraud or corruption.

Types of fraud or corruption that may result in an employee’s qui tam whistleblower claim against a municipal employer include:

  • Job training and education contracts
  • Health care services
  • Social and human services
  • Road maintenance and construction contracts
  • Building and grounds contracts
  • Sewage and water
  • Municipal parks and recreation

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