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No worker should be forced to live with unnecessary stress imposed by a supervisor or work conditions unrelated to daily job tasks. Heightened stress levels can cause long-lasting physical and mental issues like elevated blood pressure, depression, anxiety disorders, and heart disease. Fortunately, both the federal government and California recognize the potential dangers of extreme stress. If you are in a workplace with an extremely stressful or toxic environment, you have legal options. Our Los Angeles workplace stress attorneys at Henning Kramer Ruiz & Singh, LLP can help you uncover all of your legal options and help you determine your best course of action.

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Common Sources of Workplace Stress

The source of unnecessary workplace stress and anxiety can manifest in many forms. While some people have inherently high-stress jobs – such as first responders and air traffic controllers – there are many other situations in which a work environment becomes needlessly stressful and toxic. Identifying these situations is the first step in determining if you have a case against your employer.

Examples of stressors that may result in a workplace stress claim include:

  • Intentional targeting, harassment, or aggression
  • Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identification, age, or religion
  • Pressure, intimidation, and retaliation after filing a complaint about discrimination or wage and hour violations
  • An employer allowing a hostile situation to go unchecked
  • Employer pressuring you to participate in an illegal activity
  • Your employer forcing you to complete large amounts of work outside of your job description

Our Los Angeles law firm employs lawyers with a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences. We work to identify the legal questions at hand and to represent you. We are passionate, knowledgeable, and successful. We will listen to you and your case and then will advocate for you with your employer, insurance companies, and the law.

Legally Proving Stress-Related Harm

When a worker files for a stress-related worker injury or illness, they must fulfill specific legal requirements. These are often referred to as "elements" of a case. A lot of the terminology and discussion surrounding stress-related illness and injury is confusing. Our legal team is highly experienced, and we can help you understand the legal choices you must make.

According to California and federal laws, a stress-related injury is eligible for workers’ compensation if:

  • The employee has worked with the employer for a minimum of six months
  • The injury or illness is the direct result of work-related stress, and that stress was unreasonable
  • The injury or illness is an identifiable physical or psychiatric condition diagnosed by a licensed medical professional

Stress can be difficult to prove. The very nature of mental illness and injury is challenging to measure and even harder to see. This doesn't make it any less real. We work collaboratively with medical professionals and experienced legal advocates to create a strong case that shows the link between the unnecessary stressful conditions of your workplace and the struggles you face.

We Care About You & the Outcome of Your Case

Stress is a complicated legal question. You want an experienced employment lawyer, like ours at Hennig Kramer Ruiz & Singh, LLP to represent you. In some cases, you may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. Other situations may require that you file for a state or federal claim.

Our Los Angeles workplace stress attorneys can take on the legal questions for you. Since 1995, our law firm has been committed to helping workers deal with hostile and stressful work environments compassionately. When you need someone advocating for you, call Hennig Kramer Ruiz & Singh, LLP.

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    • Kamali v. State Of California Department Of Transportation $1.8 Million Judgment

      In a single-plaintiff disability failure to accommodate/discrimination claim, our firm obtained a judgment of $1.8 million.

    • Multi-Plaintiff Wage And Hour Case $330,000 Settlement

      $330,000 was recovered on behalf of our clients for failure to pay overtime and failure to provide proper meal and rest breaks.

    • National Origin Discrimination Case $500,000 Settlement

      The supervisors of an employee from Iran had made negative comments about Persians and later denied pay increases and promotional opportunities to a Persian employee.

    • Race/National Origin Discrimination And Harassment Case $1.1 Million Settlement

      A lawsuit was filed against the State of California after employees alleged less-than-favorable treatment by management.

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