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Our minimum wage violations lawyers in Los Angeles represent workers who have been paid less than the federal or California state minimum wage. Our attorneys believe that workers deserve to be paid what they have earned, and employers who illegally make their profits off of the backs of workers must be held accountable under the law. Our goal is to help you receive the full payment you are entitled to as quickly as possible.

If your employer is not paying the mandatory federal or state minimum wage for your area, turn to our wage and hour lawyers in Los Angeles for help. We have a strong record of protecting the rights of workers on the job in California.

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Federal & State Minimum Wages

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, $7.25 per hour is the minimum wage for covered, nonexempt employees. While the federal government mandates a minimum wage, many states also have their own laws dictating their own minimum wage thresholds. As an employee, you are entitled to receive the higher of the two wages. The State of California is one such state.

What is the Minimum Wage in Los Angeles?

As of January 21, 2020, California's minimum wage is $12 per hour for employers with 25 or fewer employees and $13.00 per hour for employers with 26 or more employees. Similarly, the City of Los Angeles also has its own laws regarding minimum wages.

The Minimum Wages in Los Angeles are:

  • $13.25 per hour for employers with 25 or fewer employees and non-profit corporations
  • $14.25 per hour for employers with 26 or more employees

While these laws dictate a specific hourly minimum wage for workers, there are exemptions that affect how much someone may be paid. For example, there are exemptions for learners and for employers who employ disabled workers. Understanding all of the laws surrounding minimum wage in California and the City of Los Angeles can be difficult. Hennig Kramer Ruiz & Singh, LLP are well-versed in all federal, state, and city minimum wage laws, and we can help you with your case today.

We Can Handle All Minimum Wage Violation Claims

If your employer has broken the law regarding paying you minimum wage in your area, there are some critical steps you can take right away. First, save your paycheck stubs and document your earnings. Second, file a formal complaint, making sure to precisely follow your employer's policy for doing so. This documentation of both the violation and your formal complaint are crucial pieces of evidence for your case. Thirdly, schedule a free case evaluation with one of our minimum wage lawyers in Los Angeles.

Hennig Kramer Ruiz & Singh, LLP can take on any wage and hour violation case, including:

We Are Here for You

It can be disheartening to learn how often employers take advantage of their employees. Often the victims of minimum wage violations come from vulnerable groups, and their employers hope they can intimidate them into staying silent. Additionally, wage and hour violations can often occur alongside other forms of employment discrimination, such as sexual harassment, racial and ethnic discrimination, and discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identification.

Hennig Kramer Ruiz & Singh, LLP believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. We also believe in standing up for those who have been taken advantage of and mistreated by their employers. Our minimum wage violation attorneys in Los Angeles speak a variety of languages, including Spanish, Hindi, Vietnamese, and Mandarin. We are there for you when you need us most.

Discuss your minimum wage case with an experienced employment attorney in Los Angeles by calling (213) 292-5444 or reaching out to us online.

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Proven Track Record of Success

Case Results
    • Kamali v. State Of California Department Of Transportation $1.8 Million Judgment

      In a single-plaintiff disability failure to accommodate/discrimination claim, our firm obtained a judgment of $1.8 million.

    • Multi-Plaintiff Wage And Hour Case $330,000 Settlement

      $330,000 was recovered on behalf of our clients for failure to pay overtime and failure to provide proper meal and rest breaks.

    • National Origin Discrimination Case $500,000 Settlement

      The supervisors of an employee from Iran had made negative comments about Persians and later denied pay increases and promotional opportunities to a Persian employee.

    • Race/National Origin Discrimination And Harassment Case $1.1 Million Settlement

      A lawsuit was filed against the State of California after employees alleged less-than-favorable treatment by management.

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