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Employers must allow employees to refuse to do dangerous work

People work many different types of jobs in California. Each job has different physical requirements. Some people sit at a desk all day, some are required to stand, some are required to lift various objects, others work with heavy machinery or need to work at high heights. Clearly some jobs are more dangerous than others, but it is important that all workers are safe while at work so they can continue to work and earn their income.

There are many whistleblower retaliation claims each year

California law enforcement relies on people who witness crimes to report them and provide the facts needed to convict the people who committed the crime. Just like there are many laws that individuals need to follow, businesses also need to follow many different laws, and law enforcement relies on witnesses to hold these companies accountable for violations.

Employees making wage and hour claims protected from retaliation

Employers in California must follow many rules and regulations depending on the type of business they run. There are environmental laws, securities laws, laws against discrimination and harassment, labor laws and many other laws.

Protections after reporting violations to the SEC

Many corporations and other companies in California have publically traded stock or handle various types of investments. There are many laws that regulate and govern how these companies must conduct their business. These are known as federal security laws and are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, it is not always easy for the SEC to know when companies may be violating the laws. The employees of the company may be aware though and the SEC needs them to help enforce the laws.

Firefighter facing retaliation for making complaints wins lawsuit

Most industries have various sets of rules they must follow. These can include safety regulations, environmental regulations, financial regulations and many others. Many times they can force the employers to take more time to complete various projects or be more costly. So, they may cut corners in order to avoid the extra time and costs associated with following the regulations. The employees of these companies may know this is going on and report it to the proper authorities or people in management within the companies.

How long does one have to file a whistleblower retaliation claim?

Most people in California generally try to avoid breaking the law. The consequences if they are caught are generally bad enough that people do not want to risk it. This is true for companies as well. However, just like there are many individuals who break the law, there are also many companies who break the law. However, before people or companies can get in trouble for breaking the law, they first must be caught. So, someone needs to report the illegal acts to the appropriate authorities.

Helping whistleblowers after employers retaliate

There are many laws that people in California must follow. When they do not follow these laws, they could be charged with crimes. This is true for businesses as well. There are many laws and regulations that they must follow as well. These could be laws regarding certain financial transactions, environmental laws, labor laws such as wage and hour laws and other laws. However, sometimes it can be difficult for the government to know when these laws are being broken.

Potential compensation for a whistleblower Qui Tam action

There are many employers in California who are hardworking and follow the rules they are supposed to follow. However, as the goal of most companies is to make a profit, some will do whatever they feel is necessary to make some extra money. This includes illegal activities such as lying on forms to receive extra compensation from the government. Others may falsify gross income reports to boost the value of stock in the company. The government obviously has a strong interest in ensuring this does not happen.

Incentives for reporting employer's violation of False Claims Act

In California, companies must interact with the State in many different ways. One way is that the state will grant large contracts to construction companies, utility companies, developers and many other types of businesses to complete work on the state's behalf. Also, many companies must pay the state taxes, royalties and other fees based on the type of business the company conducts. So, between the various contracts companies can obtain and what they may need to pay the state, there is a lot of money to be gained or lost for these companies.

Doctor claimed whistleblower retaliation was reason for firing

One place where people in California expect to be safe and receive the care needed to get better is at a hospital. Therefore, they expect that the hospital and its staff will ensure that the hospital is safe and patients are receiving the proper care. The people who work at hospitals also expect to be safe while they work and expect their employers to ensure their safety. If these safety concerns are not being addressed though, people would expect that staff members would speak up and ensure that the proper safety measures are being followed.

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