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Police officer claims whistleblower retaliation against LAPD

When people are at work in California they should be analyzed based solely on their work performance and nothing else such as their sex, race or age. They also should not be subjected to harassment of any sort. However, these types of things do happen in all kinds of workplaces throughout the state. It is important that this behavior is dealt with properly though to ensure that the victims are protected.

Employees are protected if they file a wage and hour claim

Employers in California can set many of the conditions of employment and compensation for the work. Employers can set the hours that they would like the employee to work, they can offer certain benefits, they can provide certain amenities at work or decide not to. However, there are certain laws that they must follow and cannot choose to not provide them. One of these laws is minimum wage. The employer can decide how much to pay their employees, but they must at least pay them minimum wage.

Protections for whistleblowers

The goal of most corporations in California is to make money. Some will do whatever it takes even if involves scandals that end up hurting many people involved with the company and beyond. When major scandals do occur, generally there is backlash and laws are created in order to try and prevent the same activities from occurring in the future. One of the laws is the Sarbanes Oxley Act, which was enacted in the aftermath of the Enron and WorldCom scandals and requires more transparency, among other things, from publicly traded companies.

Banc of California employee alleges whistle blower retaliation

Banc of California has been facing a number of different accusations recently. It started with alleged ties between the company's leadership and a financier who had been put in jail in New York. Then in August a former vice president alleged it was whistle blower retaliation that led to his firing after he voiced concerns about self-dealing and other conduct of the directors and officers at the company.

Protecting employees from whistleblower retaliation

People in California have many different types of jobs and work for a variety of different employers. Each company run their businesses differently, but no matter how they want to run it, every company must follow the law and regulations. Not all companies follow these laws though and some even force their employees to participate in the illegal activity. Many of these employees may not want to engage in this illegal activity, but may feel like they do not have a choice if they want to keep their jobs.

Protecting those who help enforce the Dodd-Frank Act

People within all industries in California try to make as much money as possible and sometimes it is easier to do this if they do not follow the law. The laws are in place to make sure the system is fair for everyone and sometimes there are advantages to not playing by the rules. After the recession, they was great concern over what led to it and the government felt that there needed to be much greater oversight over the financial system. As a result there were major changes to the Dodd-Frank Act to protect consumers.

Protections for employees after filing False Claims Act claim

The government in California, whether at the state, county or city level has the responsibility of making sure a variety of projects are completed each year. They are also responsible for keeping various public buildings, parks and other operations up and running. For many of these tasks the government has employees to do them, but in many instances it makes more sense to hire a private company do certain projects or aspects of a project. These contracts can be very lucrative for the private companies.

Statute of limitations for a whistleblower retaliation claims

People are fired, demoted, do not receive promotions and have many other negative things happen to them at work. Many times it is because their work performance is not good enough or there is another employee who is more qualified, but this is not always the case. Some employers discriminate against employees because of their race, sex, age, disability, religion and other factors that are protected and have nothing to do with job performance. If employers fire employees because of this, the employee may have a wrongful termination claim against the employer.

Former state worker claims he was fired for role in investigation

Business and corporations in California generally try to make as much money as possible. This is true for both small businesses to major corporations. Generally it is done legitimately and legally, but sometimes these companies will break different rules in order to make even more money. Some people in government agencies do the same thing. It may be done differently, such as misusing various funding on personal activities, but people are still trying to make more money by breaking the rules.

Protections for those who expose illegal pharmaceutical kickbacks

People in California suffer from various illnesses and injuries. There are also many doctors, hospitals and clinics who treat the people with these various illnesses and injuries. These medical professionals also have many different options to use for medications, medical equipment and medical services. There are also many different pharmaceutical companies who can make a lot of money when doctors choose to use their medications, medical equipment and services.

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