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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Attorney in Los Angeles

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A person’s sex or gender identification is simply a person’s identity (man, woman, or transgender) or biological sex (male, female, transgender, or intersex). The lawyers at our firm have handled dozens of cases involving sexual harassment and discrimination. Hennig Ruiz & Singh, PC aggressively advocate on behalf of works who suffer the indignity of sexual harassment on the job. All of our attorneys have at least a decade's worth of experience, and our firm has stood firmly in the fight against workplace sexual harassment since 1995. Unlike many attorneys who just hope to settle, our Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers aren't afraid to take your case to trial. As experienced litigators, we fight hard for our clients.

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What Is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment does not have to be motivated by sexual interest. A person who is sexually harassing an employee does not have to want to do anything sexual with that person necessarily. Sexual harassment simply means that the harassing conduct is motivated by the worker’s sex or gender identification. Male, female, transgender, and otherwise gender nonconforming individuals all may be victims of workplace sexual harassment.

The two main categories of workplace sexual harassment include:

  • Quid pro quo harassment: when a supervisor or manager demands sexual favors or attention as a condition of employment, promotion, raise, or another workplace advancement
  • Hostile work environment harassment: when an employer creates or knowingly allows the existence of a hostile, offensive, abusive, or intimidating work environment to exist.

Sexual harassment of any kind negatively affects the targeted individual and may even impact workers who aren’t targeted. As a result of the harassment or discrimination, they may have trouble performing their work and suffer from emotional and mental distress.

How Sexual Harassment Manifests in the Workplace

Anyone who has ever been the victim of sexual harassment knows that it can deprive someone of their dignity. Unfortunately, it took no less than the Supreme Court of the United States to rule that sexual harassment is a form of job discrimination that should not be tolerated in the workplace. Just as with other types of workplace discrimination and harassment, there are both overt forms of sexual harassment that are easy to spot and more subtle examples that are less obvious but just as damaging.

Workplace sexual harassment and discrimination may manifest as:

  • Jokes, rude or offensive comments, and gestures
  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Unwanted physical contact
  • Persistent contact and pressure
  • Intimidation
  • Adverse reaction and retaliation for rejected advances

As a result of workplace sexual harassment, victims may experience illegal retaliation or other unlawful discrimination. This can take the form of a denial of a raise, promotion or additional work opportunities, negative performance reviews, and wrongful termination.

What to do if You are Sexually Harassed at Work

With all sexual harassment cases, it is essential to document as much as you possibly can. You will also want to report the harassment with your company's human resources department following your company's guidelines. You should then contact an experienced Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney you trust, like ours at Hennig Ruiz & Singh, PC. When you work with us, you will receive the personalized attention you need. We are a results-oriented employment law firm that has had an overwhelming number of successful trials and settlements. We can use this experience to help represent you.

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