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Hennig, Ruiz & Singh, located in Los Angeles and representing workers throughout California, is proud to focus our practice almost exclusively on employment law. Backed by decades of experience, we have earned a reputation as the law firm workers can trust when their rights and dignity are on the line.

We are your complete, full-service employment law firm, with a proud record of success across a full range of practice areas involving employment rights in California.

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Employment discrimination takes a variety of forms, but generally involves employees being subjected to negative treatment in the workplace because of their membership in a protected class. This treatment ranges from disciplinary action and negative performance reviews to denial of training, denial of promotions, denial of raises and termination. Learn more at our Discrimination FAQ page.

Our experienced lawyers protect the rights of workers who have faced violations of their workplace rights such as:

  • Age harassment and discrimination: The law protects people over the age of 40, and makes many types of negative treatment of that person because of their age unlawful.
  • Discrimination based on a disability: Disability in California encompasses a broader spectrum of medical conditions than we traditionally think of when we think of disabilities. Under California law, a disability includes any medical condition that impairs a major life activity, including the ability of an employee to work.
  • Gender discrimination and sexual harassment: A person’s sex or gender is simply a person’s gender identity or orientation (man, woman or transgender) or biological sex (male, female, transgender or intersex). The attorneys in our firm have handled dozens of cases involving sex and gender harassment and discrimination, including sexual orientation. Learn more at our Sexual Harassment FAQ page.
  • Discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation: A person’s sexual orientation (heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, asexual, etc.) is protected under California law. Our firm is particularly committed to protecting the rights of LGBT employees and ensuring that they are able to work in an environment where their sexual orientation is a nonissue.
  • Discrimination or harassment due to pregnancy: Federal laws along with similar state laws of California prohibit both private and government employers from engaging in pregnancy-related discrimination in regards to the hiring, compensation, promotion or termination of employees. California laws are among the most generous in the entire nation, allowing pregnant employees to “take leave for a reasonable period of time, not to exceed four months” after the birth of the child.
  • Family or medical leave: Both state and federal laws protect an employee’s ability to take leave to recover from a serious health condition or to care for a family member who has a serious health condition. Employers above a certain size are generally required to allow employees to take up to 12 weeks of leave for these purposes.
  • Discrimination and harassment based on faith or religious practices: A person’s religion is one of the most fundamental aspects of their identity. The law protects a person’s religious beliefs and practices from undue or unwarranted interference by their employer.
  • Race, ethnicity and national origin: A person’s race or ethnicity is a characteristic that they can neither choose nor change. Our firm’s attorneys have worked extensively to defend the rights of racial and ethnic minorities. A person’s national origin deals primarily with a person’s country of origin or the country of origin of their ancestors, including their parents.

Our firm’s founder, Rob Hennig, is a board member for the Southern California chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, and all of our associates have worked extensively representing the interests of racial and ethnic minorities in both a nonprofit and professional setting.

Qui Tam, Government Contract Fraud And Whistleblower Claims

Federal law and the state laws of California protect individuals who report employer fraud related to the fulfillment of a government contract. The qui tam whistleblower laws protect employees from employer retaliation.

Qui tam and whistleblower cases involve seeking compensation for wrongful termination or other forms of employer reprisal toward an employee after the worker refuses to comply with an illegal directive or reports illegal activities.

Learn more about whistleblower cases involving pharmaceutical and medical product sales.

Our qui tam and whistleblower practice extends to:

  • Employees of state and federal government entities
  • Employees of local government entities
  • Employees of private businesses fulfilling government contracts

Civil Rights

Both state and federal laws provide residents with certain unalienable civil rights. Everyone deserves to be treated equally and fairly under the law, whether it is in the workplace, by privately owned business establishments, or through government agencies and law enforcement. Regardless of a person’s religion, race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or level of disability, everyone has the right to be treated with the same level of dignity and respect.

To learn more about our civil rights practice, please visit these pages:

Wage And Hour Law

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) comprises a range of federal wage and hour laws that guarantee a minimum wage and specific overtime rules for both private and government employers. In addition, California wage and hour laws are governed by the California Labor Code and state wage orders guidelines.

Our employment law attorneys represent workers in cases involving:

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