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Ahmed’s parents legally immigrated to the United States from their home in Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War. He was born in California as a U.S. citizen and attended a public school and university. At the conclusion of a successful customer service internship, he was told the company did not have a permanent position for him in the sales department, despite the other interns being offered jobs. When he spoke to the human resources department to question why, he was told his Arabic ethnicity wouldn’t be acceptable to many of the company’s clients.

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The attorneys at Hennig, Ruiz & Singh in Los Angeles represent workers, who have been terminated, harassed or faced retaliation on the job due to their national origin. Like race and ethnicity, harassment or discrimination based on a worker’s national origin is also illegal under federal and California state laws.

National origin harassment or discrimination can occur whether a person is actually from another country, or whether they are simply believed to be a member of such a group. National origin harassment also includes harassment because of a person’s accent or linguistic difficulties.

National Origin Harassment

National origin harassment, like other forms of harassment, generally occurs when an employer creates or knowingly allows the existence of a hostile, offensive, abusive or intimidating work environment to exist, which negatively affects an employee’s ability to perform their work. In the case of national origin harassment, this negative treatment is because of the employee’s national origin — whether it is because the employee is from another country, or even the United States.

Race/National Origin Discrimination And Harassment Case Against The State Of California Settled For $1.1 Million
Our offices represented over a dozen current employees of an agency of the state of California who alleged that they were told that they could not speak Spanish at any time during the work day and who were systematically treated less favorably than their non-Hispanic co-workers by management. The employees ranged from recent immigrants to second generation U.S. citizens united only by their language and ethnicity. The employees complained, but the conduct continued until well after the lawsuit was filed.

National Origin Discrimination Case Settled For $500,000
Our office represented an employee from Iran whose supervisors had made negative comments about Persians and later denied pay increases and promotional opportunities to a Persian employee.

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