Lawyers Fighting Discrimination And Harassment Based On Gender Identification

Ron has worked as a nurse for three years at the same hospital. His supervisors and co-workers make fun of him for being a male nurse, and never invite him to lunches or after-work activities. He is routinely given the worst shifts, and is assigned fewer hours than his female colleagues, resulting in lower pay. Ron complains to human resources that he is being treated differently because of his gender, but nothing is done.

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Lawyers Protecting Workers From Discrimination Based On Gender

Hennig, Ruiz & Singh in Los Angeles has represented numerous clients who have been victims of workplace sex and gender discrimination throughout California. If you believe that you have had your rights violated, you should document the incident(s) and follow your employer’s internal policies or procedures for making a complaint. A record of harassing or discriminatory treatment and documentation of complaints are key evidence in any claim for harassment or discrimination.

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What Does Sex Or Gender Discrimination Look Like?

Gender discrimination can be overt, like firing an employee who admits he’s gay. More often, however, the discrimination comes in more subtle ways, with the hope that workers get frustrated and quit on their own.

Gender discrimination includes:

  • Disqualifying or preferring workers for promotion based on sexual identity or orientation
  • Policies and procedures that benefit one gender over the other
  • Allowing sexual harassment in the hopes the targeted employee will voluntarily quit
  • Unequal expectations of conduct or dress based on gender
  • Preferential assignments or opportunities based on gender

Gender Discrimination And Retaliation Case Settled For $500,000
An employee of a large national company was repeatedly passed over for promotions while less experienced male colleagues were given responsibilities over her. She complained to human resources, and within a couple of months was written up – for the first time in a decade – for alleged performance issues.

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