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Doug has been working for the city human services department for several years. When his department director fell ill and retired, an interim manager was assigned while the city proceeded with the search for a permanent replacement. His new temporary boss made it clear that the official workplace policies on reporting harassment, discrimination or other possible violations were suspended until further notice. All reports must go only through his office.

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From offices in Los Angeles, the employment law attorneys of Hennig, Ruiz & Singh represent public entity employees working for state and local governmental agencies in California in a range of workplace disputes and situations related to discrimination and harassment. Litigation against public entity employers presents a variety of unique challenges and procedural prerequisites to bringing legal action.

We represent public entity employees in a variety of claims, other than union disputes, with a focus on:

Kamali V. State Of California Department Of Transportation, Total Judgment Of $1.8 Million Following 30-Day Jury Trial
In a single-plaintiff disability failure to accommodate/discrimination claim, our firm obtained a judgment of $1.8 million in 2012 against the State of California’s Department of Transportation (Caltrans) after an employee’s accommodations were repeatedly denied.

Brake V. State Of California Department Of Transportation, Total Judgment Of Over $997,000 Following Jury Trial
Our firm represented Mr. Brake, who had refused to engage in retaliation against a subordinate and was subsequently denied a promotion while being pressured by his supervisors to engage in retaliation. Following an extensive jury trial, Mr. Brake prevailed on all causes of action.

Single-Plaintiff Whistleblower Case Settled For $1.15 Million
Our firm represented an individual government employee who made numerous reports of potential conflicts of interest and alleged that his supervisor was directing contracts and business to a specific private company that did business with the government. After over a year of litigation, the matter was settled for $1.15 million.

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Our firm has experience in both employment and tort claims against public entities, and we can help you navigate the complexities and procedural hurdles inherent in litigation against public entities.

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*Our offices represent public entity employees in hearings before the State Personnel Board on an hourly basis only.