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Potential punitive damages in a wrongful termination matter

There are many legal reasons that employers in California can fire their employees. However, employers cannot fire an employee based on their race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability and other reasons. If they do, the employee may be able to file a wrongful termination claim. Through these claims the employee can try and hold the employer accountable for their actions and also receive compensation for their losses due to the wrongful termination.

Many file unlawful discrimination claims based on race each year

People in California come from many different backgrounds and many different races. Most people in California also have jobs in order to earn an income and support themselves and their families. The requirements of the jobs that people have vary, but as long as they are performing their duties adequately and meeting the requirements, then they should be able to keep their jobs.

Former university dean says she was wrongfully terminated

Each company has their own standards for how they expect their employees to perform. These companies also have different standards for the different types of positions within the company. When the employees do not meet these standards, the company has every right to fire the employee. However, not every employee is fired because they did not meet the standards. Many employees are fired because their bosses have a bias against them due to their age, sex, race, religion or in retaliation to an employee's accusations about the company.

Disabled people in California may face employment discrimination

There are many people in California with disabilities. These disabilities can come in many different forms and affect people both physically and mentally. However, having a disability does not mean that the person is unable to live life or do many of the things that people without disabilities are able to do. There are some limitations, but with the appropriate assistive devices or other accommodations, many people with disabilities are able to live a normal life.

Rules for religious attire in the workplace

There are many different types of jobs in California, and those employees practice many different religions. These religions each have their own teachings, beliefs and attire. For the most part, the attire should not affect an employees' ability to do their jobs, and therefore, employers are required to allow their employees to wear the religious attire at work.

Employment law, severance packages and ADEA waivers

Over time people in California will continue to get older, but that does not mean that once they hit a specific age that they automatically lose the ability to do their jobs. Also, many older employees need to keep working in order to pay their bills and provide for their families. However, many companies feel that it is either cheaper or better for the company to keep their workforce younger. Therefore, they will offer severance packages and other incentives to get their older employees to quit.

There are many national origin-based EEOC charges each year

There are many things that people in California have control over. People can decide which kind of food they will eat, which type of car they will drive, which job offers they accept and many other things. However, as people are aware, there are many things that are out of their control as well. People cannot control how old they are, the color of their skin, their gender, which country they were born in or where their family is from, whether they have a disability and many other things.

Ways one can be wrongfully terminated

Most employees in California are at-will employees. This means they do not have a contract that states they will be employed for a certain length of time. It also means they can quit at any time and do not need a reason. This type of freedom means that employers can also fire employees at almost any time for almost any reason and not violate the law. However, there are some limitations on what employers are allowed to do.

How companies discriminate through disparate impact policies

Companies in California have various job requirements for certain positions. They could require a certain level of education, job experience, flexibility with work hours and many other types of requirements. These job requirements are applied to every worker who is either trying to get hired or be promoted. On the surface, these requirements seem fair and it is assumed that everyone will be treated the same.

Women files lawsuit for disability discrimination at hospital

Everyone in California is injured from time to time. It is one of the unfortunate facts of life. The hope is that the injury is minor and does not affect the person's life in a major way. However, some injuries require surgeries and rehabilitation or simply need time to heal before the person can go back to doing all the normal activities in their life. These normal activities can include going to work and some people are unable to work while they recover.

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