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What rights do at-will employees have in California?

There are many different types of employment in California and many different employers. Most employers require that their employees perform the tasks of the job adequately, but beyond that each employer has their own rules about conduct, expectations, benefits and other aspects of the employment. However, most employees in California are also known as at-will employees. This is true in most circumstances even if the employee signs an employee agreement and agrees to abide by a number of different covenants.

A termination from employment must not be based on race

People know when they start a job in California that there will be certain expectations that they must meet. They must perform the job tasks satisfactorily otherwise they risk being terminated from the job. The company may have an internal policy about the process they must follow before they fire someone such as warnings or performance reviews, but ultimately if the employer does not think the job is being done correctly, they can fire the employee at any time.

Process after filing a wrongful termination charge with the EEOC

Most employees in California are at will employees, which mean that they can be fired pretty much at any time for pretty much any legitimate business reason. However, the employer cannot discriminate against the employee and fire them based on certain legally protected aspects of the person's life. These include race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability and others. If the employee is discriminated against because of one of these things, then they may have a claim for wrongful determination.

Former worker at Tesla files a wrongful termination claim

There are people of all different races, sex, sexual orientation, age, disabilities and religions living and working in California. All these people are capable of working and their job performance has nothing to do with the things listed above. However, certain employers and managers may have certain biases against certain individuals or feel that that they may need to incur extra expenses by employing these individuals. Therefore, they may fire these employees or make life so difficult on them that they quit.

Wrongful termination based on religious beliefs or practices

In California people are free to practice whatever religion that they would like to practice. There are also many different religions with different ideologies, practices, requirements and other varying aspects. Sometimes people do not agree with all the aspects of a religion, but each person is allowed to practice what they want. This is even protected under state and federal law. Employers are not allowed to discriminate against employees based on their religion.

Employers must provide reasonable accommodations for disabilities

The majority of people in California are healthy, can see well, walk normally and have full use of both their arms. However, there are many others who have disabilities. People with disabilities may have difficulties performing certain physical tasks, but they are more than capable mentally to perform the same tasks as those without disabilities. However, in order to do these tasks they may need some physical accommodations to perform them.

What damages can one receive in a wrongful termination lawsuit?

There are many reasons why people in California lose their jobs. Many of these reasons involve the conduct or work performance of the employee. Other times it has to do with the performance as a company as a whole and layoffs occur due to the company's poor performance. However, sometimes it has to do with an employer discriminating against an employee because of age, race, sex or other protected classes that the employee cannot control at all.

What are the basics of wrongful termination?

Being fired from a job is one of the most stressful situations a person can go through. Losing a job for an unlawful reason, however, can introduce an entirely new level of stress and anger. Handling these situations as calmly as possible is crucial in forming a wrongful termination case, as is seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney. But first, understanding what constitutes as wrongful termination is necessary.

What can be done if people are terminated because of their age?

One fact of life is that people in California will continue to grow older. There is no way around that fact. As people age, physically they may feel different and may experience other changes. However, most of the time these differences do not eliminate their need to work and earn an income. Also, most of the time people are perfectly capable of working as they grow older.

California agency sued over wrongful termination

For a California public agency, a recent wrongful termination lawsuit is only one of its legal problems and evidence that government is not immune from employment law problems. A former administrative law judge at the California Public Utilities Commission filed a wrongful termination lawsuit earlier this month alleging that the agency engaged in whistleblower retaliation and racial bias.

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