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A mental health diagnosis must be recognized as a disability

Many people, especially those who don’t suffer from the often complex limitations of a mental health condition themselves, are often unaware that many commonly known types of mental health concerns are actually categorized as disabilities under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. The protections and coverage that should be applied to individuals who do suffer from a mental health condition in their workplace was the subject of a publication released in December 2016 by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which is well summarized here. This information may be very relevant to many people who are entering or returning to the workforce with a severe and persistent mental or emotional health condition, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Family medical leave for fathers

California outpaced the rest of the country in 2004 when they became the first state to put a Paid Family Leave (PFL) law into effect, allowing employees who meet certain qualifications to receive a partially paid, six week long period of time to care for either their newborn child, or for an ailing child, parent or spouse. This type of leave is very uncommon in the United States for providing eligible employees with any amount of pay during their period of leave.

Sexual misconduct: Subtle and not-so-subtle signs

There has been a wave of coverage in the media lately regarding the sexual misconduct of many powerful people in the entertainment industry, with new allegations surfacing on what has started to seem like a daily basis. As unpleasant and shocking as some of these stories may be, when they are brought out into the light, the responsible parties are forced to be held accountable for their actions. This is surely a positive development for the victims of these acts, some of whom have been carrying these secrets for years. 

Joining other employees in legal action against your employer

If you're in the workforce long enough, there may come a time where you have the option to join with coworkers to take legal action against your employer who is breaking California labor laws. Figuring out the best course of action, though, can often lead to a lot of confusion and many questions that need to be answered. To help you out, we'll address some of the most important questions pertaining to joining a class action suit against your employer. 

The Aftershock of AT&T v. Concepcion on California Employment Law

It all started in California. In April 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on the case of AT&T Mobility, LLC v. Concepcion, a legal dispute which had made its way up the litigation ladder from a district court in California. From the outside, this case probably seemed to be little more than a simple disagreement between a couple and their phone company. In actuality, the case led to a monumental and somewhat controversial ruling that continues to impact the legal options available to both consumers and employees who are seeking to recover damages from a larger company today. 

Did you know? Facts about California labor laws

If you’ve been employed in California for any length of time, you’re probably already aware that labor laws in our offer protections from employers’ actions that violate workers’ civil rights. But for those of you who are just preparing to enter the workforce, we’ve compiled a list of some of the useful and in some cases, unusual labor laws that it might be of benefit. 

New labor laws for a new generation of workers?

It’s impossible to deny that the broad landscape of the labor force across the country has undergone a notable transformation over the last few decades. By the middle of 2015, the number of Millennial employees (adults aged 18-34, specifically) working had already surpassed the number of both the Baby Boomer (adults aged 51 to 69) and Generation X employees (adults aged 35 to 50) present in the workforce. With this ambitious, strong-willed, and tech-savvy new generation at the helm, many lawmakers have already begun to explore the possibility of modernizing our nation’s labor laws.  

Reviewing California’s Overtime Laws

The labor laws in California are very generous toward employees, offering a surprising amount of protection to workers. However - simply being aware that California has the best interests of its employees in mind is not enough. It is important that everyone in the workforce understands the laws that protect their rights, which will enable them to recognize situations in which their employer may be taking advantage of them. Consider this question - how well do you know the labor laws that ensure your right to overtime pay?

The most common employer violations that lead to lawsuits

There are a surprising number of misguided decisions that can put an employer in violation of employment laws. While some of these decisions may have been made with genuinely good intentions, there are others that can reflect the kind of carelessness, corner-cutting measures, and general unfamiliarity with the basics of employment law that can eventually result in lawsuits. If you are an employee who feels as though workplace violations are being committed by your employer, it may be in your best interest to speak to an attorney experienced in employment law, who can help you determine if violations are in fact occurring and how to right them. 

University of California sexual harassment conduct is widespread

There has been a growing concern lately regarding both the surprising frequency and the subsequent handling of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and sexual assault cases at university campuses across the state. This wider focus on allegations of sexual misconduct and the disciplinary measures taken by university administrators throughout the 10 campus system in California was sparked following a series of high profile cases of sexual harassment which came to light at UC Berkeley in 2015. 

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