In California, it is illegal for employers to discriminate against pregnant employees. Unfortunately, not every employer abides by this law. Some may even discriminate without realizing that is what they are doing. Today we will look at some of the less noticeable signs of pregnancy discrimination. Both employer and employee alike may miss these signs.

Sometimes, discrimination overlaps with overly-concerned and controlling coworkers. For example, many pregnant workers complain about feeling “iced out”. They no longer feel included in the company environment. They stop getting invitations to lunches or dinners. Coworkers no longer invite them to gatherings after the work shift ends. This is sometimes intentional. Workers may try icing a victim out to pressure them into quitting. But in other cases, coworkers do not want to put extra stress on a pregnant worker. They think loud environments with alcohol are bad. They try to help you avoid that stress by not inviting you.

In other cases, discrimination is subtle but intentional. Have you talked to an employer about the possibility of a raise or promotion lately? Did those talks end without warning after your workplace learned of your pregnancy? Quietly dropping talk of future possibilities is sometimes a sign of discrimination.

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