People who work in any capacity, whether for a private company, a public company, or in the public sector all deserve the right to a workplace that is free from harassing or discriminatory behavior. Despite civil rights laws outlining banned activities for many decades, these things still happen. This sad reality makes it important for anyone who experiences illegal actions to step forward and take action to protect their rights and the rights of other workers as well.

The California agency that oversees registered nurses has recently been the focus of another example of the ongoing struggle some employees face when trying to perform their jobs. As reported by The Sacramento Bee, several women indicated that the man who had led the California Board of Registered Nursing since the summer of 2016 has repeatedly engaged in harassing behaviors.

The Executive Director faces allegations of ogling females and making comments of a sexual or unsavory nature toward or about them. The man has reportedly resigned from his position, but no details have been provided regarding any disciplinary or criminal actions taken against him at this point. Also unknown is the number of women who were involved in reporting the inappropriate behavior.

A social media group has been created to support women impacted by the executive’s actions. That group is called Standing Together for Change. Several employees at the Board of Registered Nursing pushed for the Executive Director to leave his position due to the sexual harassment that was allegedly happening and included an anonymous communication regarding the desire for the man to resign.