When it comes to discrimination, the financial toll is devastating for many people, especially those who lose their job or are demoted as a result of mistreatment. However, the emotional toll is equally challenging (even more so, in some cases). Some people who are subjected to discrimination experience anxiety or even become depressed as a result of what they experience at work. Unfortunately, sexual discrimination occurs far too often in workplaces across California and we firmly believe that victims of unlawful treatment at work deserve a voice.

We have addressed various ways in which discrimination occurs, but in this post, we will take a closer look at depression resulting from sexual discrimination. Sometimes, victims become hopeless, especially if they fear that they are unable to find another job or do anything to address the mistreatment they endured. Some people do not know their legal rights and others are more informed but have fears about retaliation. All of these challenges make some victims think that they cannot take any steps to stand up for their rights or hold offenders accountable, often worsening the emotional impact of discrimination.

Moreover, those who are considering a job change or actively pursuing a different position are more likely to lose confidence and have worries about future incidents as a result of traumatic discrimination in the past. Regrettably, some people, including victims, do not take these offenses very seriously, which lets employers and managers continue to abuse and mistreat others in the workplace. On our website, we cover various topics related to discrimination at work and related offenses.