Disney Facing Class Action Pay Gap Discrimination Lawsuit

When you think of the Walt Disney Company, you may think of cheerful animated characters searching for happily ever after. But for some employees of the company, Disney stands for pay discrimination.

Four female Disney employees recently joined a class-action lawsuit claiming that the company discriminates against its female employees by paying them less than male employees. With this recent addition, ten women, six who are of color, have joined the lawsuit against the company.

Doing the same job for less money and a lower title

The women in the lawsuit come from multiple areas of the company. They all claim that after years of work and positive performance reviews, they still made significantly less than male employees with the same job.

Many also performed the same jobs as senior level employees without the title or the pay bump. Yearly reviews for these women indicated that they did work above their pay grade. But supervisors denied pay raises or promotions. Instead, the female employees claim watching younger and less experienced men receiving promotions.

Lawsuit could equalize the salaries of female Disney employees

Disney has denied any allegations of discrimination against female employees. But if the lawsuit is successful, it would change how the company regulates its wage and promotion policies. With the size of the Walt Disney Company, this could mean that many female employees receive pay raises equivalent to the work they do.

A positive outcome could help close the pay gap

By affecting such a large company, the lawsuit hopes to change how large corporations treat their female employees. The pay gap has become a heavily discussed issue in recent years. Disney joins multiple companies facing lawsuits for pay discrimination related to gender. The outcome of these lawsuits could help close the pay gap that female employees face.

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