There are many things that happen during a work day that can be frustrating or annoying for people in California. This could be for many different reasons and could involve dealing with a very demanding client or an over-bearing manager or supervisor.

There are other so-called annoyances that are more than just annoying aspects of the job and are in fact illegal. No one should have to put with these sort of things. For instance,

sexual harassment at work is something that people should not tolerate.

Unfortunately, it still occurs in many workplaces and there are many victims of it. People who are being harassed have a right to make complaints and employers have an obligation to ensure that the harassment stops. So, it is important that the victims take the appropriate steps to stop the behavior.

The first step that victims can take is document the incidents of harassment. Then they could directly ask the harassers to stop their inappropriate behavior. If this does not work or is not appropriate for the situation, then the employee should follow the employer’s procedure for reporting harassment. It is important that the employee keep records of the complaints they make and actions taken by the employer.

Despite the recent attention on the issue of sexual harassment in California, there are still many employees who are harassed at work. These people do not need to endure this, and if the employer does not properly address the harassment, the victim could be entitled to compensation from the employer. This compensation can be very valuable to the victim and also holds the employer accountable for their actions. Consulting with an experienced attorney could be beneficial to help ensure one’s rights are protected.