Evidence Used to Determine If One Was Wrongfully Terminated

While no one in California likes to get fired from a job, it is something that happens from time to time. Sometimes the reason for the firing is due to legitimately unacceptable conduct on the part of the employee or simply that the employee’s work performance did not meet the expectations of the company. However, there are other instances in which people are fired through no fault of their own. This could be because the company has a downturn in business or they are restructuring their business.

There is also one other reason that people may be fired through no fault of their own. This is if they are fired because the company discriminated against them because of their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or other factors. Most of the times companies do not blatantly state that they are firing someone for discriminatory purposes, but if an employee believes that was the true reason they were fired they may have a wrongful termination claim against the employer.

However, like stated above, companies do not usually state that discrimination is the reason they are firing someone. So, people need to look for circumstantial evidence to demonstrate the companies’ true intentions.

Some evidence that may demonstrate discrimination is if only people of a certain sex or race were fired during a round of layoffs. Another thing to look at is if the employee started getting treated differently after a manager learned what religion they practice. Other evidence could include employers enforcing certain rules for one group differently than another. It could also just be comments made by managers that may demonstrate bias.

There are many people in California who lose their job and it can be for a number of reasons. Most of the reasons are not illegal, but if the firing was due to discrimination then they may be entitled to compensation from the employer for wrongful termination. These are not always easy to cases to prove, though, and experienced attorneys may be a useful resource.

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