Former Transgender Employee Sues Starbucks for Discrimination

Over time California has progressed to accept more and more people of different genders, sexual orientation and gender identification. However, there is still work to do and not all people are accepting of those going through gender transition or those who have fully transitioned. Therefore, the laws in California have been expanded to protect these individuals from discrimination and harassment in the workplace. However, despite the laws these individuals still face issues.

This was highlighted in a recent case filed by a former employee of Starbucks claiming gender discrimination and harassment. The employee had worked at a couple of different Starbucks locations in the area prior to transitioning to a female. She had always been a good employee, but after she notified her manager that she was in the transition process, she states that the work conditions changed dramatically. She lost hours and her boss refused to use female pronouns when referring to her and created a hostile work environment.

Eventually she was forced to quit after changing locations yet still facing similar harassment from customers and managers. This type of treatment towards employees who are transitioning is illegal which is why this former employee brought the lawsuit. If she is successful, like any other employee facing similar hostility, she will receive compensation for the lost income, benefits and other types of compensation for the suffering endured by the employee due to the hostility.

While steps are being taking and society is progressing, transgender individuals still face harassment and discrimination in California. This is done despite the fact that there are laws prohibiting it. Luckily though the victims of this harassment may be able to receive compensation from the employers who do it and hold them accountable for their actions. Experienced attorneys understand the how difficult these work environments can be and may be a useful resource.

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