Disabled People in California May Face Employment Discrimination

There are many people in California with disabilities. These disabilities can come in many different forms and affect people both physically and mentally. However, having a disability does not mean that the person is unable to live life or do many of the things that people without disabilities are able to do. There are some limitations, but with the appropriate assistive devices or other accommodations, many people with disabilities are able to live a normal life.

This includes being able to work at a job that they are qualified to work at. However, just like with other activities in their lives, they may need some special accommodations in order to perform their job tasks. Per law, their employers are required to provide these reasonable accommodations. Employers do not need to provide accommodations that would be overly burdensome on the company, but many accommodations are not overly burdensome. If the company does not provide these accommodations and instead fires the employee, they may be required to compensate the employee through a wrongful termination lawsuit.

The statistics show that unfortunately there are many disabled workers who experience this employment discrimination. In 2017, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received 26,838 complaints of discrimination based on disabilities. There were also many favorable resolutions for the disabled workers, and in total the victims received a combined $135.2 million. There were also many other cases that were resolved through litigation and not the EEOC process. The $135.2 million does not include any compensation received through litigation.

Unfortunately many people in California experience discrimination in the workplace due their disabilities. Accommodating workers’ disabilities can cost the company a little bit of money, but they are required to do it to allow these individuals to work. However, some employers do not think it is worth it and decide to fire the employee or take other negative actions against them instead. If a disabled worker experiences this type of discrimination, they may want to seek compensation.

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