Most people in California are aware of the focus of the sexual harassment many women face in the workplace. This is something that many people are concerned about and trying to bring attention to it as a way of stopping it. However, this is not the only problems that women face in the workplace. Many women also face discrimination in the workplace as well. Sex discrimination is just as illegal and the victims may be entitled to compensation.

According to a recent survey, 42% of women say they have experienced discrimination in the workplace. They also reported experiencing this discrimination in many different forms. Women stated that they were paid less than men in similar positions, treated as if they were not competent, that they had been passed over for big assignments, would not receive the same support from supervisors, been slighted repeatedly and other forms of discrimination. Also, women with higher degrees reported more discrimination than those without a college degree.

As mentioned above this discrimination is illegal and employers who discriminate against women employees may be required to compensate these employees for the damages they cause. These damages can range from back pay for the money they would have earned except for the discrimination. The employer may also be required to pay for the employee’s attorney’s fees and other costs associated with the lawsuit.

There are many different employers in California and they all treat their employees in different ways. There are no requirements in terms the benefits they offer or how nice they are to their employees, but they cannot discriminate against them because of their sex or other protected classes. However, it is clear that many women have been discriminated against and these women may be entitled to compensation for this discrimination. Experienced attorneys understand employee’s rights and may be able to help protect them.

Source:, “Gender discrimination comes in many forms for today’s working women” Kim Parker and Cary Funk, Dec. 14, 2017