There are situations when people in California can say what they want and treat people poorly as long as they are not breaking the law. People may disagree with the person or find them offensive, but generally most speech is protected by the First Amendment. This is not true in all settings though. One of these situations is at the workplace. If people make offensive remarks about employees at work, there can be repercussions for their actions.

The Los Angeles police department is finding this fact out as there have been a number of lawsuits recently filed by police employees regarding the behavior of the Chief. Employees have accused the Chief of making offensive comments about another officer’s religion and making other offensive remarks. Officers also claim that they had their roles in the department changed for the worse. In addition to these lawsuits one employee has also filed a wrongful termination lawsuit alleging that the Chief threatened him in an attempt to force him to retire.

No one is above the law and that includes police Chiefs. They must follow the laws just like any other supervisor in any other profession. When they discriminate against other officers, those officers may have claims against them like anyone else in any other workplace. People are protected from being discriminated against in the workplace based on their age, religion, gender, race and other protected categories. When they are discriminated against and are fired as a result, they may be able to receive compensation for any monetary losses and maybe other non-monetary damages as well.

Employees in California are a part of many different races, are all different ages, are different genders and have many other differences. None of this matters though as long as those people do their job correctly. Unfortunately this is not true in every workplace though and people are judged and discriminated against because of who they are and not their work performance. If one feels they may be facing discrimination at work, consulting with an experienced attorney may be beneficial.

Source:, “More lawsuits filed by Beverly Hills Police employees” Eric Leonard, April 4, 2018