Women’s rights in the workplace in California have been in the spotlight recently. In addition to the movement to stop the systemic nature of sexual harassment towards women, there has also been attention brought to the wage gap and difference in opportunities between men and women. This has been a big issue especially in the technological industry in Silicon Valley. Women have brought light to this type of sex discrimination and harassment at many of the major technological companies.

A former software engineer recently filed a lawsuit claiming she was subjected to sexual harassment and discrimination while working for Google. In the lawsuit she alleges that company has a “bro culture” and the company has failed to correct the behavior of the male employees. The woman states that she was the target of many comments and actions by male co-workers that were sexual in nature. One time she went to her desk and a male co-worker came out from under it stating that she would never know what he did under her desk.

The lawsuit also states that co-workers would spike her beverages with alcohol and one even showed up to her apartment unannounced with alcohol and would not leave when asked to do so. She was hesitant to make complaints because she would be labeled as an instigator, but eventually she was pressured into doing so by the company. However, after she filed the complaint, the company found there was not enough evidence and did nothing. After she made the complaint, male co-workers would not approve her code and she was eventually fired for poor performance.

California is home to many of the major technological companies and since their beginnings the companies have tended to be dominated by male employees. Women, like the one above, are fighting back against the industry, but there are still many women subjected to discrimination in the workplace. This is true in other industries as well. Women are protected from discrimination and harassment though and have rights. Experienced attorneys understand the difficulties women face and may be able to protect their rights.

Source: www.sacbee.com, “‘Bro culture’ at Google led to sexual harassment and violence, lawsuit alleges” Ethan Baron, Feb. 24, 2018