There are many things in California society that change over time, but somethings can take longer than others to completely change. For a long time white males dominated most power positions in business as well as other areas of society. Over time this has slowly changed and men of different ethnicities and women have made some gains in being able to get into these positions. However, statistics show that as a society these groups still lag behind.

One area where women in particular continue to lag behind is the wage gap. Historically women have earned less than men and that trend seems to continue. In California, women who work full-time jobs earn approximately $7,227 less each year than men who have full-time jobs. This equates to approximately $.86 for every dollar men make. Statistics show that this wage gap is also present across different industries, occupations and education levels. The wage gap is even greater for women of different ethnicities.

While this seems to be common practice, the practice of paying women less than men is illegal and is considered sex discrimination. The Equal Pay Act requires that men and women must be paid a similar income for performing similar jobs. Clearly this does not happen though. If women believe that they are the victim of this practice, they may be entitled to compensation. Employers may be required to pay the victims back pay for what they should have been paid for the entire time they were paid less than men in the same positions.

The statistics seem to demonstrate that there are many employers in California who may be in violation of the Equal Pay Act. That means that there are many women who are victims and deserve more pay. In fact these women may be entitled to it under the law. This can be a complicated area of the law though and experienced attorneys may be able to help protect one’s rights.

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