People in California have a right to free speech and saying offensive things in public is not necessarily a crime. However, one’s first amendment rights do have limitations in certain private situations. One of these situations is in the workplace. People cannot make crude comments about people or even tell offensive jokes if they make others uncomfortable or are harassing in nature. These could be comments about sex, religion race and others and people need to be careful what they say.

If the comments are offensive to others in the workplace, those people may be able to file complaints. A vice president at Pop network recently filed a claim against the company for sex discrimination due in part to comments made by a superior about women in the office. She alleges that comments were made about certain women being “fat” and other comments that the company was only using women’s looks to lure clients. There were also offensive comments made about female genitalia. In addition to the offensive remarks the women also alleges she was discriminated against because she was passed over for promotions and raises.

This type of behavior is not just isolated to certain offices and companies though. It has become very apparent recently that this type of behavior is somewhat common and there are many women who may have sex discrimination complaints. If these women are successful, they may be entitled to compensation for the harassment and discrimination they endured at work.

While it may be relatively common to hear offensive remarks at work in California, it is not right and in some situations illegal. Women may just keep their mouths shut and keep working, but they should not have to feel that they cannot speak up and hold their employers accountable for this behavior. Experienced attorneys understand people’s rights at work and may be able to help protect them.

Source:, “Pop accused of gender and age discrimination, fostering a culture of bullying in lawsuit” David Ng, Feb. 2, 2018