When people are at work in California they should be analyzed based solely on their work performance and nothing else such as their sex, race or age. They also should not be subjected to harassment of any sort. However, these types of things do happen in all kinds of workplaces throughout the state. It is important that this behavior is dealt with properly though to ensure that the victims are protected.

Sometimes in order to deal with it properly other people at the company must be willing to report what they see and hear. This type of reporting is important and therefore employers cannot retaliate against employees who do. However, whistleblower retaliation occurs, even in the LAPD.

A former officer filed a lawsuit against the LAPD claiming whistleblower retaliation after he reported that a sergeant in charge of his unit was sexually harassing a fellow officer. He reported to superiors that the sergeant was making inappropriate comments, messaging her shoulders and other harassing behavior. After the initial complaints were made, the sergeant began falsifying the officer’s overtime logs.

The sergeant was eventually reassigned, but the retaliation did not stop. The officer was eventually forced to retire early due to stress caused by the retaliation. The officer stated he was not given adequate weapons and backup and was also sent on assignments a far ways from his house.

The officer, if he is successful, may receive compensation from the LAPD just like other employees who are victims of whistleblower retaliation. This could include back pay, future pay and other compensation for damages suffered as a result of the retaliation.

Unfortunately this officer is not alone and many people are the victims of whistleblower retaliation in California. This is illegal and the victims do have rights that must be protected in addition to ensuring the victims are adequately compensated. Experienced attorneys understand employee’s rights and may be able to help protect them.

Source: nbclosangeles.com, “LAPD officer alleges retaliation for reporting sexual harassment” City News Service, Jan. 15, 2018