People in California are put into many different situations depending on the type of job they work. Most are in fairly public places though with many other people around during the day. If something happens to them or there is inappropriate behavior, there are generally other people around who may be able to help them. This is not true for all jobs though. One of these jobs is hotel workers. Many of these workers need to go into the rooms for various things and are isolated in the room while they work.

This means that if a hotel guest or another employee sexually harasses or assaults the worker may not have a good way to get help. A survey recently found about 58% of hotel workers in Chicago had been sexually harassed and a proposed law is designed to protect these workers in California. The law would require hotels to install panic buttons for when workers are caught in potentially dangerous situations in a hotel room. The law would also require the hotels to ban guests who sexually harassed a worker from staying at the hotel for three years.

This is just one more area where there are efforts to protect workers from sexual harassment. This is a problem that exists across almost all industries and is almost an engrained part of society. Victims of sexual harassment do have protections though and have legal options to hold people accountable for the harassment. On top of that, the victims may be entitled to compensation from the abusers.

There have been many efforts recently in California to try to further protect the victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. This proposed law furthers this overall effort. However, there are still many victims of sexual harassment and it is important that their rights are protected. People need to know their rights though and experienced attorneys may be a useful resource.

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